Cardboard wiggle chair

Cardboard wiggle side chair


Frank Gehry’s wiggle side chair was the beginning of his most pervasive innovative ideas. While I was working in the interior design department at Bloomingdale’s, New York, Mr. Gehry came in to demonstrate the strength and comfort of his side chair. He climbed up onto the seat and jumped up and down. All of us, interior designers and furniture salespeople, watched in horror, but he knew something we all didn’t know, because he was smiling the whole time. This most amazing chair was impervious to the tests.

According to the Guggenheim Museum in New York City, Gehry’s furniture designs are a “quick fix” of his architectural practice: their realization is relatively immediate and low cost, and they provide a satisfying smaller forum in which various design concerns, including ones relating to his buildings, may be explored. They also demonstrate his fundamental concern with manipulating basic materials in unconventional ways to produce objects that are functional yet also visually striking. For his first designs, Easy Edges (1969–73), Gehry favored the simplicity of corrugated cardboard, a material frequently employed in his architectural models. After discovering that single sheets of cardboard gained exponential strength when layered, he began to manipulate the simple material into graceful, curvilinear chairs and tables. With hardboard facing applied to the flat surfaces, the furniture is immensely durable.

Frank Gehry on his cardboard chaise longue

Frank Gehry on his cardboard chaise longue

Experimental Edges (1979–82) is a bulkier series of cardboard pieces, featuring rough, shaggy edges and an improvisational appearance. Gehry used thick corrugated cardboard with a pronounced texture to create this furniture’s larger volumes , manipulating their density by combining sheets of varying widths within a single form. Some sheets were intentionally misaligned within the stacks, creating an undulating line and slight ripples. Just wait until you see his fish next week!!!

Do you like Gehry’s chairs here? Would you buy one of his chairs or a chaise longue like these?

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