Busy writer, ugh!I got this email a few days ago from Mel Jolly, she is the writer’s assistant, so you can imagine how busy she is. I get her newsletter because I had asked her to be my assistant, and she turned me down. I was sad, but she offered to send me her handy dandy newsletters filled with tips and advice. I asked her if I could use this week’s for my blog and put it in my own words. She said, “Of course!” I really don’t have to put it in my own words because she said it just as I would have done it.

Today’s tip is going to sound a little weird, but I’m going to share it with you anyway.

Sometimes when I sit down to work, I have a

Busy chair

Busy chair

problem staying in my chair. (I already knew some good advice would be following)

It goes like this:

w-indexOh! I need to get my water bottle from the kitchen.
Runs to the kitchen. Comes back to office. Sits down.

Oh Hey! The mail is here. I’m going to go get it.
Runs out the door. Gets the mail. Comes back to the office. Sits down.

imagesOh shoot. That pan I left in the sink probably needs to soak.
Runs to the kitchen…


d-imagesOh darn. I better walk the dog before it’s too late.
Runs to get the dog, leash and collar…

You get the idea.

m-imagesAnyway, I usually listen to music on my computer while I work and one day I decided to listen through headphones.

I think the act of having to take out my earbuds to get up and then put them back in when I sat back down was enough to make me think twice about leaving my chair.

It’s almost like I literally tied myself to my chair.letslistentomusic_84ec02_5513907

Will this work for any of you? I have no idea. Maybe I’m the only one with a specific brand of laziness that keeps me from wanting to put forth the effort to take my earbuds out and put them back in. But, maybe it will work for you too! Why not give it a try?

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Does this describe your writing time? I know the earbuds work–why not give it a try? You might get another 500 words done in a flash.

Thank you to Mel Jolly.
Mel sends out a weekly email in which she shares organizational tips and other nifty tricks she’s learned during her years as an assistant. Interested? Sign up here.

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