A suitcase, a red dress and a new pair of shoes

A suitcase, a red dress and a new pair of shoes

My brand new luggage! And check out my red dress and shoes!

If you traveled this summer, chances are you lugged a suitcase or two along. Think of how sleek and modern suitcases are today,  with pockets and slots to fit everything you need.

My hear hubby Tom and I are taking two journeys soon, one on land, the other on the sea. We are off across the wide divide, with varied weather and lots of fun things to do. So of course, I had to buy new luggage. Oh goody shopping! I also bought a red dress and new shoes with lots of bling in both, but that’s another story. Tom and I prefer to travel light. Just how much room will be needed for two travelers for this type of trip? Our duffle bags do not cut it, so off to Costco I went and bought one large suitcase. I opened it up and there was a smaller one inside. Love it. They are just perfect for our needs. Travel is adventurous, but it’s also a lot of work to organize. Can you imagine what it was like in Victorian times with all those huge dresses, crinolines, corsets, shoes, stockings and toilet requisites? Fortunately, the crinoline was on its way out. A good excuse not to pack a hooped underskirt, or course an underskirt with no hoop was still necessary.

Allie Baldwin would have loved traveling in today’s modern era.

In my new series, The Baldwins’ of New York, my heroine, Allie, (The Unforgettable Miss Baldwin – Book 1) is involved with the women’s suffrage movement. Peter Harrison, the hero, owner of a security company, is hired by Allie’s father, Joseph Baldwin, to protect Allie. Much to her parents chagrin, she frequently puts herself in harm’s way. Allie and her sister Mia are determined to visit Fairfield, Connecticut (60 miles from New York City). Allie must travel there in order to write an important story (she writes for her father’s newspaper). With Peter along to protect them, nothing could go wrong, right? Wrong! You’ll have to stay tuned to find out what happens . . .

Allie, Mia and Peter traveled by train to Fairfield. The ladies were given an overnight compartment. In those days, the fashions were bulky. Consider how they had to travel and stay in Fairfield for an undetermined length of time. The Baldwin sisters had a massive travel trunk, a cumbersome box that even empty was too heavy for most. Thank goodness porters were always available at the train stations.

Painted steamer trunk by artist Mia Baldwin

Mia got all excited, she said, “Oh please Allie, let’s use the trunk that I painted.” (Mia is an artist).

“Of course Mia. It’s so lovely, everyone will comment on it.”

Do you think we can fit all of our clothes in that trunk?” asked Mia.

“Yes. Lay everything out that we want and then remove a third.”

“Oh, I wish it was easier to travel,” Mia said. “Imagine where we could go.”

Thank goodness for modern travel. I’ll stack my modern suitcase up against that trunk any day. Happy Travels.

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