My Boys and their Toys (and their hobby square dance calling)

My Boys and their Toys (and their hobby square dance calling)

Paul’s Audi S5 hot rod

This is us Stephen, Paul, Gail, Tom

I love cars! A convertible has always been on my bucket list. If you know anything about cars, this one is a dream, an Audi S5, super-duper hot rod, shiny blue and it drives itself. Just what any car affection ado would want. Oh boy, I guess I could lease my own sweet dream, but who needs three cars? I settled for the next best thing, a ride in my son Paul’s with the top down. I had to fasten down my long blond hair, lacking a hat, Paul handed me a visor. Tom climbed in the back sitting sideways to stretch out and make room for his long legs. Both son and husband gave me the seat of honor, the front passenger bucket seat.

Paul the driver

On my ride!

Stephen, grandson, Paul, son, Tom, hubby, Gail (me) in the dance hall

Paul, wanting to show me how his new buggy handles and what it can do, I held on when he put his foot down on the accelerator and the speedometer showed that the car went from zero to sixty in 3 ½ seconds. I imagined that taking off in a rocket would give the same thrust. I held onto my visor and my nose hoping it wouldn’t flatten with that sudden speed. I loved the rush. I guess I’m just a kid, nothing I do is like that, not even my ballroom dancing.

Our ride was to where Paul, my son, and Stephen, my grandson, are callers for square dancers. I made a video, but will ask grandson to help load. In the meantime, my new book is almost ready to hand out to you! If you haven’t signed up to get The Unforgettable Miss Baldwin and write a review on Amazon on 9/10, you can subscribe at ASAP, so when I send out the Free Advanced Reader’s Copy, You’ll get yours!

setting up music

Squares lining up, eight to a square that’s four couples.

square dancers

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