Is it stormy or night in this spirit filled cemetery?

Is it stormy or night in this spirit filled cemetery?

I thought I heard something. I looked up. Nothing. The air was heavy, oppressive in fact, blurry, could the air be blurry? The spirits hovered, as though dangling from the big old trees.
“Tom, did you see that?”
“I don’t know.” It was as though I had experimented with a slew of the same treatments as a teenager on drugs.

“Listen—is this the inner world of apparitions?” P1070739 gi

Scraping, like chains across the stones of the tombs. As night began to fall, the figure was creepy–the shroud over its P1070165 whitefacehead obscuring the face until you were up close to it.

James Harrison, died 1860

James Harrison, died 1860

There was a living air about the grieving angel, grieving over the dead, as if its arms could really reach out and grab you if you weren’t careful.

P1070773Branford Center Cemetery, established in 1645. We joined the ghosts of the past and perused the vast space, up hills, down hills, graves by the water.

TCH surrounded by his ancestors

Thomas Harrison Claus surrounded by his ancestors in Branford, Connecticut

Back on the farm, the Harrison house necessary

Back on the farm, the Harrison house necessary


Couldn’t resist sharing some of the necessaries of past and present.

Do you know where your 400 year old ancestors are buried?



Phlip Johnson

Philip Johnson Glass House Contemporary Interior, New Canaan, CT





Please note the clean, contemporary, organized space in the Philip Johnson Glass House.

All images are from Victoria Lyon Interiors

This week’s blog is about space, order and design and has nothing to do with taste. Taste is ambiguous and personal. You can apply your taste to any of the basic concepts discussed.

The images above are vignettes of traditional design.

Old world elegance mixes with modern colors and textures to create the master bath/dressing area for the lady with very discriminating tastes. Designer Victoria Lyon says her space “evokes the casual elegance of an English country house,” but also brings in modern touches that “let us know that the lady of this manor definitely belongs to the 21st century“.

The dressing area features sweeping curtains, a feminine skirted dressing table and a plush chaise. Old world fixtures, a free standing burnished metal tub and a sparkling marble shower create a bathroom with character and class.

The image below “Traditional Country” is an uncluttered, well-organized, well-designed space. The soft, warm color on the vertical planes (walls) is comforting and pleasing. Warm deep colors have vibrations, move forward into the room and take up visual space.

traditional country

Traditional Country

Crowding can cause conflict in a life, in a mate, in a child. All this talk about beauty, function, good design, what does it mean? If you like lots of stuff around you, okay. But how is it arranged? Is there order? Is there negative space, meaning quiet space? A place of peace?

Function … what in the world? Clocks have a function, cars have a function, computers have a function. So what has function got to do with space? Space has to provide a place for you to stand up, lie down, sleep, wake.  And all the activities in-between. Where do you write your checks, where do you write your stories, where do you play? If you have any, where are the kids, where do they snack, where do they do homework, where do they play?

Here are a few examples of functional items. Clocks, clocks tell time, what would we do without time? Cars are constructed to take you from point a to point b, computers output and input information. If we take a look at the world around us, everything we need is organized in some way.

You may like contemporary, you may like traditional, you may like the American style (mixture of both), it doesn’t matter. The images above are well-designed, well-organized, functional spaces.

Nineteenth century Victoriana had no specific order. The more stuff squeezed into a space, the more it supposedly displayed great wealth.

Order is important for our well-being.

Thank you to Victoria Lyon interiors for her gracious participation in this blog.

Come back next week for more Victoriana surprises. Remember to post your comments. I especially enjoy your inquiries and challenges.

What about you, your home, your office, your play space? You love clutter. OK! But is it organized?


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