Outdoor Fireplace and Seating

Outdoor Fireplace and Seating

Pinterest Canopied Daybed from Frontgate

Pinterest Canopied Daybed from Frontgate

So, what’s up with these outdoor living spaces?

You want a great outdoor living room, just like the one indoors. Same rules apply, except now, instead of using the term ‘living room’, let’s call it your outdoor living space. You need to make a plan . . . mostly for continuity, but also for your sanity.

Here goes a plan—Create a focus, like the center of attraction, and it can’t be your dog. A fireplace works much better. Next, decide how you want to move around and how you’ll get humans into the outdoor room. Create a traffic pattern with walkways, shrubs, trees. Depending on where you are coming from, the shape of the walkway can be part of the whole design. Not only is it a people mover, but also a work of art. If you have room to make the path about three feet wide, then you have plenty of solid space to walk when moving furniture. A path can just be stepping stones, or pavers, or even slate.

Now you have a focus, the fireplace, to create your seating area, Seating can come from a variety of places. It all depends on your budget. For soft comfort, be sure that the outdoor seating cushions are as comfy as your indoor furniture. There are fabrics today that can handle a downpour and spring back once they are dry. Outdoor rugs are comfortable for those bare feet. Be sure you lay one down to define the sitting area. Ask for fabrics that do not fade. The label has to say that it won’t fade. You can also get movable furniture like chairs, benches and stools. Remember the kids, they like the small chairs and tables to color, have a snack and entertain their friends. Try all the furniture out to make sure you are comfortable before you buy.

Consider a full-size fireplace, if not, then a fire pit would provide a wonderful substitute. Food and fire have brought people together forever. Just check your local building codes to verify fire-safety and placement rules regarding outdoor fireplaces and fire pits before you invest in one.

Watch this video about United House Wrecking in Stamford, CT and their patio furniture.

Published on Apr 16, 2013

Phil at United House Wrecking in Stamford, CT, talks about our extensive patio furniture collection as well as our outdoor decor. The statues, fountains, planters and more have been staples of UHW for almost 60 years.

Stools are great to slip in an extra seat at the table for unexpected guests. Remember those outdoor outlets to keep your toys in tip-top running shape, and give you the ability to stay connected. Use solar wherever possible. Everything is wireless today for your speakers to resound for your listening and dancing pleasure. In case you are wondering . . . sure, you can dance on outdoor pavers, just pick your feet up a little more and maybe pivot a little less.

Lighting from Klaff's Lighting, Norwalk, CT

Lighting from Klaff’s Lighting, Norwalk, CT

Lighting adds drama, while uplights accent the branches of the trees, garden lighting enhance the shrubbery, and lights your walkways, steps and surrounding garden outline. String lights across the patio, those overhead lights are functional. Remember to research the many lighting options available today. If they make an all-weather outdoor television, anything is possible. For your lighting, Klaffs Lighting in Norwalk, CT is a great place to get a great lighting plan for your outdoor living space. Ask about LED lighting!

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