Good book reads . . .

Good book reads . . .

My New Book: The Unforgettable Miss Baldwin – Allie Baldwin lives with her family across the street from New York’s Central Park. She is a suffragette!
16th May 1911: British suffragette Charlotte Despard (1844 – 1939) (wearing a white waistcoat) heads a march of the National Federation of Women Workers through Bermondsey in South London. (Photo by Topical Press Agency/Getty Images)

It’s hard to think that your summer days are coming to a close. Don’t put away those bathing suits, sandals and shorts yet. I’m not talking about heatwaves. But have you noticed that school supplies are on the shelves in the stores? Yet still to come are those sweltering temperatures threatening to melt the hardiest, and let’s not forget Indian Summer in October. But before the rush of real-life overshadows those fun lazy days there’s still time to read a good book. Contemporary author Kristan Higgins new book, Life and Other Inconveniences, has just hit the shelves. It’s a must-read, in fact, any of Higgins’ books are must-reads.

My new book, The Unforgettable Miss Baldwin, will be on the shelves after Labor Day when your children are busy back in school and life becomes ordered with thoughts of upcoming holidays. But there still is time in-between to sit back and enjoy a good book brimming with ideas for a brighter future. My young suffragette fights for the vote putting herself in harm’s way until a handsome detective is hired as her guard in this historical romance.

You can pre-order, “The Unforgettable Miss Baldwin,” now using the links below and begin reading on Tuesday, September 10, 2019, and then please post a review on Amazon.

After the links provided here for your convenience, there’s an excerpt for you to get a flavor of my brave suffragette and her dreamy detective.

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In this excerpt, Allie Baldwin, writer, keeps her appointment to interview Detective Peter Harrison . . .

The mud-spattered conveyance rose and fell in rhythm with the horse’s hooves clip-clopping over the cobblestones. The jostling never bothered Peter. Today, he was eager to pick up Miss Baldwin for their upcoming meeting and to grab a morning paper. After a rainy night, the sun squeezed through the gray clouds. Long shadows blanketed the Fifth Avenue mansions, the places, and palaces of the people he had dined with and protected. Peter flicked open his pocket watch. It was ten minutes before eight, his thumb smoothed over the familiar engraving, Acta Non-Verba. It was a gift from father to son five years ago to celebrate him becoming the president of Harrison Detective Agency.

Passing the torch from father to son was the transition that signified his father’s shift. He became a better husband to his second wife and a better father to Peter’s younger half-sisters.

He returned the timepiece to the vest pocket of his tailored, gray-striped day coat and fiddled with the knot of his ascot making sure it was straight. The driver pulled the carriage up to the Sentinel building, the horses stomping on the stones and whinnying their arrival.

Miss Baldwin waved to him from the top of the stairs, tossing her red locks over her shoulder. Her lips lifted at the corners, his breath caught. The air around her seemed to glow.

Peter opened the carriage door and stepped down, “Good morning, Miss Baldwin,” he said climbing the stairs. His gaze traveled from the hem of her skirt to the short-buttoned jacket accentuating her tiny waist, her hat’s green feather and back to the diamond dog brooch on her lapel. She had a morning paper in hand and a smile on her face.
“What’s this, Miss Baldwin?”
“Latest news, my article made the early edition.”
“Did it now? Congratulations! Mind if I have a look when we get into the carriage?”
“Mind? Not at all, it’s earmarked for you,” Allie said.
“When I stepped out of the coach, I couldn’t help noticing the unusual dog brooch on your lapel.”
“Thank you. It belonged to my grandmother,” she said as she looped her arm into his and they descended.
His face heated at her touch.
“It was made in Russia. There’s an inscription on the back.”
“What does it say?” He couldn’t help but smile at Allie’s mischievous gleam in her eyes.
“You won’t believe me.”
“Try me.”
Translated it says, “Act & Say Naught.”
He chuckled, “You’re right. I don’t believe you.”
“It’s a funny coincidence, isn’t it? In the old days’ folks all thought alike,” she giggled.
“Wait a minute. My father’s still young,” Peter said.
They grinned at each other like they had just played a piano duet and the listeners gave them a standing ovation.
“The story goes, my grandmother was courted by a young prince before she was married. The brooch was a gift from the prince.”

“What happened to the prince?”

“His parents forbid him to marry my grandmother because she was a commoner. I completely disagree with that as my grandmother is a most uncommon woman.”
“Uncommonness runs in the family,” Peter said.
She blushed as he handed her into the carriage.
To be continued . . .

A review can be posted on Amazon on Tuesday, September 10, 2019, and afterward going forward. Pre-Order now for your convenience.

And remember, for every pre-order purchased an educational donation will be made to the Lockwood-Mathews Mansion Museum in Norwalk, Connecticut, a historic National Landmark built just after the Civil war and several years before Allie Baldwin and Peter Harrison were born. You can help to preserve history!  (USA)

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