A pun on Michaelangelo's sculpture

A pun on Michaelangelo’s sculpture

Pain and pleasure. Entrepreneurs find out the hard way about earning a living. If you have a job, keep it until your dream comes to fruition. For me, I have had both success and failure, (pain and pleasure). My most successful endeavor provided ultimate satisfaction, the founding of my school, Interior Design Institute. I was degreed and well-studied in interior design and architecture, and after  research (before social media), I discovered there was a resounding response to founding a local school of Interior design. I had no capital, but two of my client friends provided a building in Woodcliff, NJ. entrepAll I had to do was fix it up, get the state to approve and run an inexpensive ad. Instant success . . . with enrollment, financial success followed later. This was not a get-rich quick scheme. Prospective students signed up and more came. My faculty came from New York and New Jersey. Of course I taught classes as well. Love teaching! The school, after much hard work and dedication was nationally accredited. What I loved about the whole idea was the opportunity offered to a community of students who were thrilled not to have to commute into NYC. The structure of the courses offered professional opportunities upon graduation, or for those who were not seeking a career, to redesign or decorate their own environments.

Businesses each were started by an entrepeneur

Businesses owned by entrepreneurs

So, what brought up this whole thing about starting a business?

entrep3Once again, I am an entrepreneur, this time though, I am an author. Honestly, I cannot believe that I’m working so hard on promoting my book, Indigo Sky. After having been in business and familiar with marketing and promo, I thought no more, I don’t want to to that anymore. But I have this book that no one seems to know about. A few read it and gave it resounding reviews. Maybe my book is good after all? I need to let readers know that it exists. One year after its release, I decided to run a promotion. Don’t ask, putting the promo together consumed me. I had looked for someone to do all the work, yeah right, no one available, not even for money, So I donned my marketing hat and knuckled down, asked questions, got answers, and offered my book free to several promo companies. The first day of the promotion, Friday, October 28, 2016, the book ranked #15 in Amazon’s top 100 free Historical Fiction.

Indigo Sky in 3 formats

Indigo Sky in 3 formats


Where is my book today? It is lagging in numbers. I was told that all authors have to keep promoting, as in any business. Look at companies like Apple, Bloomingdale’s, Samsung, all the same. Ads, ads, ads in your face. Books are no different, authoring is a business, so I am doing another promotion this week, Thursday, 12/1, Friday, 12/2, and Saturday, 12/3 with ChoosyBookworm. If you are reading this, and let me know that you purchased my book, sign up here on my blog and your name will go into a drawing for a free Indigo Sky audio, or if you are already signed up, then send me an email at¬† This offer is good through Monday, December 5, 2016, midnight. Buy Link:

Face of an entrepeneur

Face of an entrepreneur

An entrepreneur, as described by the Small Business Association, puts together a business and sometimes accepts the associated risk to make a profit. Most believe making their idea, their dream available to the world is something everyone wants. While this definition serves as a simple but accurate description of entrepreneurs, it cannot explain the phenomena of entrepreneurship itself. A number of theories exist, but all of them fall into various categories.

sayingWhat Are the Theories of Entrepreneurship? An interesting article by Eric Dontigney

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