My red box

My red box in my studio. This one is a table desk divider too!

I am addicted to boxes, all kinds, all shapes, all designs and empty of course. How can anyone function without boxes? In my boxes I keep lists, neighbors phone numbers, my fireplace ignitor, kaleidoscope (a small one), special pictures, coasters, my cell phone, my little Panasonic camera, anything you want handy, but not on a table or counter, and money, what about all that change, in the box it goes. In fact, like my colleague Paula Sharon, I see ‘things’ as dust collectors. But I love those ‘things’. My boxes can help with those accessories. Put them out, put them away, in the box, fun to change. I buy boxes to give as gifts, who doesn’t need a box, or want a box? Then when you visit whoever you gave your box to, you get to enjoy your gift box again. I sometimes make a box to organize my closets. Let’s say when you can’t find the perfect fit for a drawer or closet, why not make one? It’s in my DNA, my mother was OCD. I learned from the best.

Here, I share a few Christmas decorations .

The ArrangmentThe Arrangement (at our front door)


Christmas CactusChristmas Cactus


The BellThe Bell

Sparkle of ChristmasChristmas tree sparkle

Merry Christmas!

Picture boxMy bigger box. Perfect for sheet music, harmonicas, my guitar picks and my capo

I even like those flat cardboard boxes with handles. The ones we get at Costco to carry our goods to our car and into the house. We just bought the most fantastic wood box to hold our fatwood stiks for our wood stove. We will always keep fatwood in it because we use them all winter long. We’ll put it away in the summer, then be pleased to see it again come November.

Our wood stove, keeps the house warmBest box of all, our wood stove keeps us warm all winter. We keep wood in it. Think you can toast marshmallows or roast chestnuts in it?

Fatwood box from LL Bean (filled with fatwood)Fatwood Box

This post was inspired by Author Thea Devine’s Wednesday blog “The Red Box” at the Seven Scribes.

Do you have your own box story?



The bottom line responses to the storage blog of the last two weeks…no one has enough.  For those of you that have survived life on a boat, you would probably agree storage space is premium.  So boats are a good example to use for storage.

The Challenge:  Since quarters are tight on a boat, the challenge is to figure out how to build drawers for storage on a boat.  One of my readers suggested I write about how to design storage on a boat.  I think the suggestion was tongue-in-cheek.  However, I am up for a challenge, and since I am not an expert in the area, I Googled some ideas.  These can also be used for tight spots where you live, except leave off the latch unless you have curious little tykes.

The latch is meant to keep boat drawers from spilling their stuff in rough seas. According to Will, boats “rock and roll” with the water’s movement. If you leave a drawer unsecured on a boat, it will eventually pop open and may even end up on the floor with its contents scattered.

So, please go to the link below for instructions how to build those drawers. They would be in the walls of the boat of course, as they could be in your home.  Remember, since most homes have walls, in my last blogs I suggested building storage in the walls between the rooms.  Sort of like closets.  Did you ever notice that closets are usually back to back or next to each other and reversed for the room(s) they are in?  Closets and drawers also create sound barriers, especially with the soft clothes inside absorbing the sound.  You see, storage does more than provide a place to put stuff, storage also gives privacy and quiet.  Book storage also give more than books on shelves, they are sound barriers.

If you click on the link below, you will have how-to instructions to build those drawers.

The following is by Will Charpentier, eHow Contributor:

“If you’ve ever built or expanded any cabinetry in your home, you know that measurements make or break a project. Most often cabinetry afloat has few special requirements, save that the exterior should be painted, stained or varnished. The drawers, though, do require a bit of attention, since they must fit in spite of the beating the boat gives them. The drawer slides – like slides used ashore – are adjustable.”

Read more: How to Build Drawers in Boats | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/how_12152758_build-drawers-boats.html#ixzz1l5jPK0oT

Do you have an interesting place to build new storage? Maybe on your boat?
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