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July 26-29, 2017 Workshops, mentors, pitching editors, publishers and more:

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Join 2,000 romance writers and industry professionals from all over the world for RWA2017 in Orlando, Florida, July 26–29, at the Walt Disney World Swan & Dolphin Resort. The four-day conference features nationally recognized speakers, special events, and more than 100 workshops.


Local RWA chapers offer a number of conferences, contests, and workshops.  Click below to see the schedule for the coming months.



  • Walt Disney World Swan & Dolphin Resort
  • Orlando, Florida
  • July 26–29, 2017

The RWA Conference is the place where career-focused romance writers meet, mingle, and get down to the business of being an author. RWA2017 includes over 100 workshops, the “Readers for Life” Literacy Autographing (open to the public); Keynote and featured speakers, book signings, and the RITA and Golden Heart Awards Ceremony.


Maria Connor, my Author Assistant

Here are just a few statistics from past conferences:

  • Over 20 countries represented
  • More than 800 published authors
  • Over 50 agents
  • An average of 150 industry professionals

Literacy signing on Saturday, July 29th from 3-5 pm. I’ll be there, with hundreds of authors and Maria Connor, so please stop by. Say hi, and buy my book to help support the Literacy organization. We all donate our books and our time.

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Teaser Tuesday banner

Welcome. Yes, you are at Gail Ingis’s blog. I invited my friend and colleague, Samanthya Wyatt, to post her Teaser Event to share with my readers. Feel free to visit her website to sign up to win book(s) from many different authors who she has sponsored over the last three years. I was fortunate to have been one of the visiting authors and be included in this event. You will find my book, Indigo Sky, on the list.

Samanthya Wyatt Author

A teaser from the newsletter                             June 2017

Samanthya Wyatt

Wel­come to Teaser Tues­day!  Where we can get a snip­pet of a story that arouses the reader — hints at mys­ti­fi­ca­tion — a quick­en­ing that stirs the blood. Once I decided to cre­ate a newslet­ter, I had to give it a name. Teaser Tues­day sounded great for guest authors reveal­ing a para­graph or two of their book.Then I thought I’d like to fea­ture other items as well. Like: What’s hap­pen­ing in the world today? Are you an author — or do you just like to read?  What’s going on in your life? Sea­sonal changes —work­shops — con­tests – pitch opportunities.

On the first Tuesday of each month, my hope was to generate, prompt, motivate — all the things to inspire authors. And I thought it would be great to feature a guest. I ended up with at least three each month, posting a morsel of each guest author’s book. Don’t you just love it when you get a tidbit? You read faster, your heart races, and all of a sudden … cliffhanger.These authors, writing many different genres, are helping me celebrate by giving away copies of their books to romance readers.

TO FIND OUT MORE – Visit my web page and sign up to be entered for free books:

Indigo Sky for reader who enjoy historical romance! @AmazonKindle Indigo Sky available on Amazon buy link:
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Whitespace . . . Is this about silhouettes or goblet?

Whitespace is a fundamental building block of good design. It’s the first design aspect that any visual designer is taught. What is whitespace? Let me say that it’s not always white. This space may be a color or texture. For authors, white space is the space between blocks of text. Author reviews often mention that the book had lots of white space and they loved that, it gives the reader an enjoyable journey through the story. In this post I explain why whitespace matters.

Design, a critically important element authors often overlook. Words on the page need balance, structure and white space. Maria Connor, Published Author and Author Assistant

Improved legibility

The most obvious benefit of whitespace is that it increases legibility. You only need to compare the examples shown in Mark Boulton’s superb article on whitespace to see how a good use of whitespace can make an enormous difference to legibility.

Before – without whitespace




After – with whitespace

Higher comprehension

Believe it or not whitespace between paragraphs and around blocks of text actually helps people better understand what they are reading. According to research in 2004, this kind of whitespace increases comprehension by almost 20%.

Architecture with negative space, fresh and open

Creates the right tone

Finally the use of whitespace can be a powerful way to communicate elegance, openness and freshness. Obviously this isn’t always the design look and feel you wish to communicate. However when it is, you can’t do better than having loads of whitespace.

For the visual arts, the phrase refers to negative space.  In my work, I have found the old adage, “Less is more,” to be true. A phrase used by architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in 1947 as a precept for Minimalist design and architecture. The phrase has been used in other applications by the design community over the years. I use it in designing and painting all the time. It is part of my philosophy. The negative is as important as the positive.

Extra Whitespace Information: Did you know that your business card should have  at least one whitespace the size of a quarter?And the backside should have a flat finish so the recipient can write who, where and when.

Not everyone thinks whitespace is important. As the volume of content on the web grows, how do you stand out from the noise? Website owners find whitespace to be a waste, they fill every open spot on the page. Websites have become a way to market and promote product with lots of noise. Website owners demand that every space say something. I never know where to look and cannot find anything on those busy websites.

Starbucks clever use of good graphic design with lots of whitespace

Thanks to Paul Boag, click whitespace to see his blog and be sure to click Mark Boulton’s article on whitespace.

Do you give whitespace a thumbs up?


How about you? What do you think about whitespace?

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C.D. Hersh–Two hearts creating everlasting love stories.

C.D. Hersh

C.D. Hersh

Say hi to our delightful guests today, authors of The Mercenary and the Shifters. A team of two, they primarily write Romance. Sweethearts to the end, so says their bio.

The Turning Stone Chronicles, book four. Genre – Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Suspense Romance. Release Date: July 27th, 2016

Putting words and stories on paper is second nature to co-authors C.D. Hersh. They’ve written separately since they were teenagers and discovered their unique, collaborative abilities in the mid-90s. As high school sweethearts and husband and wife, Catherine and Donald believe in true love and happily ever after.

The first four books of their paranormal romance series entitled The Turning Stone Chronicles are available on Amazon. They also have a short Christmas story, Kissing Santa, in a Christmas anthology titled Sizzle in the Snow, with seven other authors.

They are looking forward to many years of co-authoring and book sales, and a lifetime of happily-ever-after endings on the page and in real life. You can connect with and follow C.D. Hersh at their website

Mercenary and The Shifters

Mercenary and The Shifters

The Mercenary and the Shifters (The Turning Stone Chronicles Book 4): eBook:

When mercenary soldier Michael Corritore answers a desperate call from an ex-military buddy, he finds himself in the middle of a double kidnapping, caught in an ancient war between two shape shifter factions, and ensnared between two female shape shifters after the same thing … him.

Shape shifter Fiona Kayler will do anything to keep the shipping company her father left her, including getting in bed with the enemy. But when she believes the man trying to steal her company is involved with kidnapping her nephew, she must choose between family, fortune, and love. The problem is … she wants all three.


Mike’s presence in her bedroom as she gathered overnight items for the guesthouse comforted Fiona. It also set jitters off in her stomach. The man was hot and muscular and very alpha. He’d removed a sword and gun from his duffel bag and slung them, along with a bandolier of ammunition, over his shoulder after they’d been attacked. The sight of his weapons and his protective behavior did unfamiliar, disconcerting things to her.

“Does the guesthouse have a phone?” he asked over her shoulder.
Fiona jumped and slammed her palm to her chest. “Jeez, don’t sneak up on me. I didn’t hear you cross the room.”

“Sorry. I didn’t mean to frighten you.”

“After what happened tonight, it won’t take much to make me jump. And, no, it doesn’t. But I’ve got my cell.”

“I’ll need the number.”

“Ditto, on yours.”

“I think you need to take your gun. The one you pulled on me.”

“After tonight, I’ll sleep with that baby under my pillow.”

Mike studied her. “You’re certain you don’t have an idea who might want you dead? What about the group you’re dealing with? What was the name again?”

“OmniWorld? I think I’m more important to them alive, at the moment.”

A knowing smile flashed across Mike’s face, and she realized he’d tricked her into revealing the name of the cartel she’d withheld earlier.

“At the moment?”

She thought about the cargo Mr. Swindell’s associate had forced her to ship. Had he’d lied about the cigarettes? If he had, she needed backup. Hugh trusted Mike. She needed to do the same.

“I’m handling some freight for them. I don’t think they want to off me, at least until the deal’s finished.”

Mike swore under his breath. “What are you mixed up in, Fiona?” When she didn’t answer he continued, “If I’m going to help, you have to be completely honest with me.”

She cringed at the word completely. Honesty with anyone, at this point, could only be partial. How much could—should—she tell him?

Amazon buy links:

The Promised One (The Turning Stone Chronicles Book 1):



Blood Brothers (The Turning Stone Chronicles Book 2):



Son of the Moonless Night (The Turning Stone Chronicles Book 3):


The Mercenary and the Shifters (The Turning Stone Chronicles Book 4):


The Turning Stone Chronicles are available on Amazon. They also have a Christmas novella, Kissing Santa, in a Christmas anthology titled Sizzle in the Snow, with seven other authors.

Where you can find CD:



Soul Mate Publishing:


Amazon Author Page:



Thank you Catherine and Donald for visiting us today. It’s been a pleasure. How about we ask our readers to comment?  Here’s a few questions that might come up. Ask the Hersh’s about their writing, how do they develop their stories, how is it working together? How do they delegate responsibilities between them?


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