Knowing how to combine colors gives you a sense of satisfaction. And, if you know how to combine color, you will look good. It’s safe to wear the same colors, but what if you want to mix colors? What kind of image do you want to project? Generalities say that extroverted personalities prefer the warmer, more vibrant colors, while introverted persons are drawn to cooler and subtler colors.

Itten Color Wheel

Red, orange and yellow represent the warm side of a color wheel. Warmth, or heat is translated into aggression, action, and extroversion. Greens, blues and turquoise represent the cool side of a color wheel. Coolness is translated into quiet, somber, and introversion.

Based on our life’s journey, our color choices can change. According to the book by Dr. Max Lüscher, “The Lüscher Color Test” personality can be revealed through color. Lüscher claims the colors in his test have specific meanings. The principle is that accurate psychological information can be had about a person through his/her choices and rejections of colors. Take the Lüscher Color Test and find out more about you.

But first . . . humanity has believed in the healing power of color since the beginning of recorded time and probably before. The reason is simple; sunlight sustains all life, and there is death without it. There are ancient traditions, symbolism, mythology and superstitions related to color.

Worship of the sun and of light has forever intrigued us.

This mask is 24 pounds of solid gold, inlaid lapis lazuli, carnelian, quartz, turquoise, obsidian, and colored glass.

We have found dating back to 1500 BC, there are Egyptian references to colored minerals like malachite and red and yellow clay. Found in the tombs was red jasper, red faience and red glass.There is reference to a poultice of raw meat for a black eye, to a red cake for constipation, to vermillion writing fluid mixed with goat’s fat and honey to salve a wound.

Navajos used white, red, yellow, blue, black paints in their curing practices. There were elaborate ceremonies associated with color for birth, death, marriage, the slaying of men and animals, the summoning of sun or rain.

Today, people fear black cats, yellow in a theater, a bride wearing blue, red-letter days, blue gloom, green with envy, purple with rage, yellow heathen. Physicians wore scarlet cloaks. The Scarlet Letter. Red flannel was used for scarlet fever and sore throat. Other superstitions, amber for earache or eye troubles. Amber beads for fever, rheumatism, toothache, headache.

Amethyst semi-precious stone

Amethyst for gout. Carnelian semi-precious stone restrained hemorrhage.

Calcedony agate

Chalcedony agate for gallstones. Emerald for eye diseases, garnet for skin eruptions. Jade for dropsy and childbirth.

Take the test.

How did you do on the test? What is your personality? What is your favorite color? How about more on color next week, you game?


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