I just got a new pair of glasses and I love them. They have a rose tint in the frame. It’s nice to see the world through rose-colored glasses. Putting on a new pair of glasses changes your perspective a bit. It takes time to “see” properly.  Life changes are like that too. Sometimes we get a real curveball whether it’s a health issue or a family issue and we have to figure out how to catch it or get out of the way. At the age of 82, I’ve caught quite a few doozies.

I’ve struggled with my weight for most of my life. Fifteen years ago I lost 35 pounds and I’ve maintained my weight loss. So you could say, that you’re never too old to gain (or lose) a new perspective. Of course, the benefits are vast; feeling sound in body and mind is the coup de gras. But don’t think for a minute that I gave up pizza. I still enjoy it in moderation of course. I don’t eat the crust, I just get the grease, and leave the carbs behind.

Roses and Glasses

Another new perspective is my writing. I’ve added “published author” to my list of accomplishments, a list that included graduating from design school with a BFA and cum laude, working as an interior designer for more than 50 years, founding a school of interior design, Architecture school, master’s studies in architecture and design criticism, Not to mention photography and painting. I am just about finished writing my second book The Unforgettable Miss Baldwin, a romance set in the Gilded Age of New York City. Allie Baldwin is quite a gal, lives across from Central Park and is a journalist for her father’s syndicated newspapers. And she’s a suffragette. I love spending time with her.

So if you think you need a “new perspective”, it’s okay. Try on a new pair of glasses and I’m sure you’ll see the world in a whole new way.

Gail Ingis Claus is an author, artist/painter and interior designer. Her upcoming romance The Unforgettable Miss Baldwin will be released in the spring 2018. Her current historical romance, Indigo Sky can be purchased on amazon.

A work of art

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