We just returned from Phoenix, Arizona. When we were there, we heard about UFOs, so here’s the scoop.

Drawing of Phoenix Lights and accompanying form

Drawing of Phoenix Lights and accompanying form

A drawing of the object created by witness Tim Ley appeared in USA Today.

The Phoenix Lights (also identified as “Lights over Phoenix“) was a UFO sighting which occurred in Phoenix, Arizona, and Sonora, Mexico on Thursday, March 13, 1997.

Lights of varying descriptions were reported by thousands of people between 19:30 and 22:30 MST, in a space of about 300 miles (480 km), from the Nevada line, through Phoenix, to the edge of Tucson.

There were allegedly two distinct events involved in the incident: a triangular formation of lights seen to pass over the state, and a series of stationary lights seen in the Phoenix area. The United States Air Force later identified the second group of lights as flares dropped by A-10 Warthog aircraft that were on training exercises at the Barry Goldwater Range in southwest Arizona.

Witnesses claim to have observed a huge V-shaped (several football field sized), coherently-moving dark UFO (stars would disappear behind the object and reappear as it passed by), producing no sound, and containing five spherical lights or possibly light-emitting engines. Fife Symington, the governor at the time, was one witness to this incident. As governor he ridiculed the idea of alien origin, but several years later he called the lights he saw “otherworldly” after admitting he saw a similar UFO.

Recently, a mysterious formation of lights has been spotted in the sky over Phoenix, catching the attention of UFO watchers who point out the incident’s dramatic similarity to the iconic 1997 UFO sighting.

The strange lights were observed on February 2 and 3, with independent videos of each incident making their way online. On February 2, a group of three men were walking in the Sunnyslope area of Phoenix when they noticed the strange array of lights hanging over the horizon. The trio were able to film the inexplicable UFO, yet from a distance, little detail is evident.

On February 3, witnesses in the Goodyear area noticed a similar horizontal array of eight lights in the sky, and recorded the UFO from their car. The group described the strange object as a craft, with one occupant of the vehicle asserting near the end of the footage that it looked like a “huge circle.”

“I saw this UFO while driving. It was moving south over the Estrella Mountains. The lights were a fiery color. What is not visible in the video is the shape of the craft and the massive size of it. After it disappeared we continued to drive in the direction it was headed, eventually driving behind the mountain but saw nothing.”

Media outlets have suggested that the strange lights may be the result of flares or a formation of drones. Some have alluded to the idea that the lights may also be connected to aircraft, and note the similarity of the incident to a mass sighting in Houston last August, when aerial lights caused a flood of UFO videos and images on social media. But none of this has been proven.

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Seriously! We didn’t see any UFOs when we were there. But our grandchildren are stars!

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Have you ever witnessed a UFO? What do you think? Are there others besides us? Someplace else?

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