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Red shoes magic

I have a pair of red shoes. When I put them on I feel like Dorothy. Remember her? She was the little girl in the Wizard of Oz. When she clicked her shoes together she was magical. Swept away by a cyclone from the Kansas prairies to the Land of Oz, Dorothy and her dog,...

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Author Speak Luncheon – Reminder. Let’s Party!

On the Rocks Oil/Aluminum 36x36 This is a reminder blog for my Author Speak luncheon on Friday, Nov 1 at noon. At the Norwalk Public Library. Sign up for my newsletter when you arrive at the library, you could win a goodie basket.   Wednesday, is my painting day in...

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That Dog-gone Kousa Dogwood

A tree grows in Fairfield, in our backyard, taking over the garden, the house, and the patio. The Kousa Dogwood in bloom is gorgeous. In one month all the flowers turn brown and ripen into juicy berries with a bitter/astringent taste. The exterior of the berry is...

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