images images-3 images-2 Ha! End of winter is some kind of dream. Winter has never ended in the beginning of P1080613P1080598February, at least not in my lifetime. Unless, of course, you hang out in Florida. It doesn’t snow in southern Florida. Ever . . . it rains occasionally but it never snows. In southern Florida raindrops are warm. You know how you like to catch a snowflake on your tongue? Try a warm raindrop.

The astronomical winter (Northern Hemisphere) ends Wednesday, March 19. Still, it could snow, sometimes in April. But not in southern Florida. At this point, you probably think winter will never end, and we’ll all be cold and freezing for the rest of our lives. It isn’t hopeless, just watch the trees bud and the crocuses poke out of the ground in the not too far off future. We. Can. Dream.

END winter NOW! Your thoughts?

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