A true story by Joanne Ingis

Magic Marker is the only pet turkey in Joanne Ingis’s family. When Magic Marker was hatched, she squeaked like a marker pulling across a white board. That’s how she earned her name. She has visited many libraries and many zoos. Everyone loves Magic Marker. She isn’t anything like a wild turkey. She doesn’t bite or snap, but Magic Marker does like to peck. She likes to peck on Grandma’s toes.

Magic Marker pecking on Grandma’s toes

It could tickle, but Grandma did not like the tickle. Grandma’s toes were her favorite, after all she loved Grandma. Who doesn’t love their Grandma? Grandma fed her, and walked with her, and talked with her.

Shooing Magic Marker away

Magic Marker didn’t like anyone else’s toes, not as much as she liked grandma’s. But grandma was not sympathetic to her pecking, she shooed her away everytime.

Now that Magic Marker is grown up, she doesn’t squeak anymore, but she makes lots of other noises. Some are funny, someĀ  not-so-funny. She clucks and clicks, and sometimes she can sound like she is barking. She purrs when you cuddle her, but she isn’t so cuddly now that she is grown up.

Flight of the turkey

Magic Marker can’t really fly, but she thinks she can. Occasionally she tries and the neighbors call to come get her. She is careful how she comes down off the roof.

Magic Marker comes off the roof safe and sound

Joanne visits libraries, zoos and nature centers where she reads her book about Magic Marker. Everyone likes hearing the story. Sometimes she takes Magic Marker along.

This book is very unusual. There are not too many pet turkeys around. And not too many stories about how a turkey can be born into a human family and become their pet. Magic Marker lives in a special pen, built for her, in the backyard. She doesn’t mind the change of weather, or even the snow. Magic Marker is very loveable.

Can you imagine having a turkey for a pet? Do you have a pet? What kind do you have? Does it squeak, does it bark, does it cuddle with you?

Joanne Ingis reading her Diary of a Pet Turkey


Front cover “Diary of a Pet Turkey”


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