P1120476I needed flake-out time after a whole day on my feet painting pretty pictures for my Coney Island project. Right at the bewitching rush hour, I left Silvermine Arts Center, plowed through miles and miles and miles of traffic to home to sit back, put my feet up and unfrazzle myself. This blog is not about being unfrazzled, rather it’s about watching the CMA (Country Music Association) awards, while I unwind. Tom and I love country music. Country music is all about the story. Every song is meant to pull on your heartstrings. You see, the music comes from the heart, about life’s hardships and happiness.P1120479

There are so many great singers and great contributors to our country music culture. But The Band Perry intrigued me tonight when they performed. They made a great sound. Like so many talented bands, Kimberly, Reid, and Neil Perry are siblings. In 2008, they were discovered by Garth Brooks’ manager Bob Doyle and subsequently have had top albums over the last six or so years. P1120474What made them prominent was that on Sunday, February 2, 2014, the band performed in the pre-game show of Super Bowl XLVIII. It gained positive publicity after offering to cover the burial expenses for the funerals of nine people (a mother and eight of her children) killed in an accidental house fire in the Greenville, Kentucky area. The band is also paying the costs of family members’ hotel expenses while the father and the surviving daughter are being treated for burns at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee. Cheers for The Band Perry.

P1120483No CMA would be complete without one of country music’s legends, Loretta Lynn on the right with Kasey Musgrave.

What’s your take on Country Music?

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