Raise your hand if you live in a converted barn. Not a new house that’s made to look like a barn, but an old nineteenth or early twentieth century converted barn. The old post and beam construction. I have some images for you to peruse.barn destruct to paint barn home1images barn house 2 barn house interiot 1 barn house rear1 barn house Thin-joint-construction-between-portals1 barnhouse 4The first one is my favorite. It is called deconstruction. Don’t be surprised if you see it in one of my paintings. LOL, really. The one that looks like it is under construction is being turned into a boutique office barnhouse 3&silobuilding.

There are some designs and workmanship that defy time. Some were built in the 1850s. They make intriguing transitions to the 20th century. These barnhomes are located in different areas across the country, and as you can see, can be quite handsome. Each one creates an entirely unique home and are usually the focus on the land that was farmland years ago. The images on the left are of a 2,450-square-foot home with 2 bedrooms and 2.5 baths. The image below still has its silo. Imagine a wrought iron circular staircase in the silo, like one in Sherlock Holmes detective stories. That staircase twisted at every turn, and took you into spooky, dark places, like old dusty libraries.

Do you have any friends that live in a converted barn? What do you think they smell like? Animals, timber, cedar, what?

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