animal architects glass-shell-hermit-crabSo you thought the ancient and modern wonders created by mankind and creative contemporary architecture were something? From underground ant colonies that extend farther than the Great Wall of China to termite mounds that tower at nearly twice the relative height of the Burj Dubai (tallest skyscraper in the world), and from the largest multi-species spider web ever discovered to the longest beaver dam on the planet, here are a couple of the most awe-inspiring animal architects and architectonic structures of the animal kingdom.

Towering Termites: Massive Earth Movers

Termites are amazing creatures by almost any metric. Their queens are 30 times the size of normal soldiers and workers and produce about 30 eggs per minute to keep the colony alive. Relative to their size, termites build the biggest structures of the animal kingdom – .4 inch creatures constructing towers weighing hundreds of tons and up to 25 feet in height and 40 feet in diameter (the human equivalent of 4,600 feet tall). And that is just 40 feet above the ground –  termites can also burrow as far as 225 feet underground.

ANIMAL ARCHITECTURE giant-termite-moundsDeparture from the typical architecture that I blog about. I did not make it up. The information comes from 7 Architectural Wonders of the Natural World.

To my friendly writer community, I found these amazing wonders looking up another work of architecture, for a later blog. For you writers of fantasy, subcultures and steampunk adventures, this is pretty good.  What do you think? Has your opinion of termites and ants evolved? Want more?

If you know anything about architects, they derive ideas from what’s around them. To my friendly architectural community, here are some ideas for your next skyscraper. What say you?

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