Tom on the left, and my two sons, Rick & Paul by the window

Tom Claus, my hubby (hung this show, and all shows here) on the left, and my two sons, Rick & Paul Ingis by the window.

Coney Island Nathan's Backyard 24x36 Oil/Linen

A portrait of Coney Island Nathan’s Backyard 24×30 Oil/Linen

Sunday past my friend and colleague, Louise Forester, said, “Your paintings of Coney Island  — so powerful and evocative of a special time and place!”

The Big Swing (my ride) 24x24" Oil/Aluminum

The Big Swing (a favorite ride) 24×24″ Oil/Aluminum

How lovely a statement.

Coney Island Crowds 36x36 Oil/Anodized Aluminum

Coney Island Crowds 36×36 Oil/Anodized Aluminum

I painted each work, my heart and head filled with memories. The project began about six years ago when painting with my portrait artist mentor, Laurel Boech, who said,

Gail & Laurel in front of the Wonder Wheel Oil 48x60"

Gail & Laurel in front of the Wonder Wheel Oil 48×60″

“You love painting portraits of architecture. Why not make this work of Coney Island a theme and paint images from your memories?” I grabbed my brush and off I went.  Within this time frame, writing a romance got between my brush and ability to paint and write simultaneously.


Book Signing

Book Signing at my party–September 8th, Lockwood-Mathews Mansion Museum

Soul Mate Publishing accepted my book, Indigo Sky–then I finished painting my project . . . finally!

Gail & Henry Swing

This party was a completion celebration of both the paintings and my published book, Indigo Sky. We rounded out the evening with a book- signing and dancing to the musical sounds of the 1960s.



Investmark Financial band (great investment advisors, terrific musicians)

Investmark Financial band (great investment advisors, terrific musicians)

Judy, Gail & Marjorie, all of us artists

Artists Judy, Gail & Marjorie

Catered by Susan Kane, bartender Ivan, music by Investmark Financial (Yup, our financial advisors are also great musicians). Dancing.

Son Rick and me dancing

Dancing with my son Rick

Sons, Rick & Paul, Daughters-in-law, Joanne & Tammy, guests too numerous to count, volunteers with the mansion,

Susy Gilgore, Executive Director

Susy Gilgore, Executive Director, Lockwood-Mathews Mansion Museum

Monika & Henry

Monika & Henry


Special thanks to Monika & Henry for their talents!

Thank you to photographer, Alan B. Weaver, for his impromptu photographs, and to my son, Paul Ingis, for the video, on youtube. Thanks to Susy Gilgore and Lockwood-Mathews Mansion Museum, an outstanding venue for any event.

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