Spaceship earth

The 2017 Romance Writer’s of America National Conference is here in Disney World at the Swan/Dolphin Hotel. In my careers, I’ve been to lots of conferences: interior design, architecture, tennis. All were terrific, but this one is the most fun, romance writers  have lots to say about men, women and lovers. This first day was filled with activities you would expect at any conference,   workshops, lunches, meeting old friends, and making new ones. By 5:00 pm, I was ready to sit down, have a cold drink and chat, but instead we went to Epcot.

Epcot was a perfect end of the day with exploration at Disney’s World Showcase. Fun at Frozen.



Tree peppers

Learning about hydroponic veggies growing vertically (amazing to see) at Land of the Living, history and future of civilization at Space Ship Earth. Me in my scooter while the rest of our group walked the six miles around, and around and around trying to get to the French Patisserie, only to find them closed right after the fireworks. Sad face . . . imagine the disappointment.

History of Civilization

Kathryn, Pat, Gail, Lisa

Big thanks to Kathryn Ascher who organized the whole thing, right down to Fast Passes. We all giggled as we got right up to the front of the lines for our rides while a mob waited in long lines at Frozen. There were five of us in our small pack, Kathryn, the creator of the epcot day of course, writer Lisa Jass and her mom Pat Jass, and my Tom Claus, who also happens to be a writer, the scientific kind. And the music played on, Frankie singing “New York, New York.” I got off my scooter and we danced our Foxtrot up and down the pathway from the Swan to the Dolphin. Such a great evening, even got to see the fireworks. Four hours at Epcot – a brief encounter. Thank goodness.

Swan Hotel

Epcot lights







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