One horse open sleigh-so romantic!

My post today is about writing my romance novel, INDIGO SKY and am giving away two copies of my eBook to random commenters, so please join in and add to the conversation! Happy New Year, 2017.

Indigo Sky book cover

Reviewers say, “Indigo Sky has all the parts that readers crave. The suspense, love, romance, betrayal, strength and loyalty are just a few words to describe Indigo Sky! Easy read that is difficult to let go!! I loved it and can’t wait for Gail Ingis to write another!! Don’t miss it! It kept me reading deep into the night.


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Like other writers, I have many books about writing I hold in great esteem. Donald Maas, Michael Hauge, Stephen King’s about writing and countless others, as well as advice and encouragement from my South African editor, to whom I am grateful. They have all been valuable in my growth and craft. I ravish my books, wear them out, they have liberated my passions. I still refer to the books, but I pick and choose. The best part of writing is how my characters surprise me. I’ve plotted, but the plot changes as I write, so I don’t bother to plot anymore. I give myself the freedom to plot, not plot, as long as I write, the rest falls into place.

Romance novels, in the past, were thought of as simple, silly and smutty. Sure, some do have the normal part of loving and intimacy, but many do not go past that closed door. Intimacy is inferred or suggested. It’s good to let the reader imagine. Most folks think that the characters in these novels are about fantasy and are perfect people. Nothing could be further from the truth. The characters are real people solving challenges in a relationship. We identify with how they solve the issues and transform in order to grow and mature.

When coming to an impasse in the story, when all seems lost, no turning back, gone forever, it’s magical to see all that turned around. We all know the ending, but romance novels tell us the process, how it’s possible to grow a relationship from failure to success. True love is possible; true love is a reality; true love is beautiful. True love is not a destination, it’s something you do everyday.

We hope as writers, that we enrich readers’ lives, and provide life lessons about love, marriage, intimacy, give and take, communication, and interrelationships with friends and family as well.

Enjoy this excerpt at the mansion of Alexander Majors, a friend of Rork’s, when Rork leaves town after a romantic evening with Leila, to give her time to think. Leila is having a conversation with Alexander. She is frantic that Rork left:

“I know,” Leila mumbled, “but why do I feel so guilty?”

He leaned forward. “Leila, your whole life you’ve been told the fault lies with you if you fail. I have a rather liberal way of thinking when it comes to how children should be reared.” He sat back and stared into the distance. “Which is one of the reasons I never married. I think I realized my methods would have made life difficult.”

Leila stared at him and whispered, “What are your methods?”
“Simple, don’t conform mindlessly, ever.”
“But one has to get on with society or you’d be an outcast.”

“Not at all. You see, you assumed I meant conform to the social dictates of dress and manners. I would teach a child to be discerning. Your mother doubtless told you to obey your father no matter what he demanded or how he treated you. The same applied to the man you marry. Then you took the unthinkable step of wanting a divorce. That was good.”

“Not according to my parents. They told me it was up to me to make it work.”

“Exactly. They taught you to be responsible for the success or failure of the marriage.” He sat back and smiled. “You perpetuate this ridiculous state by saying Hank’s death is your fault.”

“You don’t understand, Alex. Speaking to Hank when he was drunk or hallucinating only incurred his wrath. I should have chosen the time to tell him more carefully.”

“Why should you be responsible for choosing the right moment? The man was intoxicated most of the time.”

“I suppose.”

“So what are you going to do about Rork?”

Leila shrugged. “If he is going west, he’ll probably go to Atchison to get the coach.” She moved the silver spoon around the soup. She jumped to her feet, dropping the spoon and spilling chowder on the lace tablecloth. “I’ll follow him!”

“Good girl. Now sit and finish your soup while we discuss your plan of action.”

Buoyed by her decision, she sat and ate. “I might not find him, of course.”

Alex buttered a thick slice of bread. “Yes, you will. He’ll have to find a stagecoach willing to let him join them.” He chuckled. “It isn’t like boarding the next train to New York. If not, he’ll have to purchase his own wagon with a team of horses and a driver. He’ll need supplies. He’ll definitely not be leaving in a hurry. ***

Tell all, what’s your romantic experience?



Jose & Gail

Did I ever dream to meet the man? All those years listening to him sing. Oh, that voice . . .

When Jose Feliciano sings, he reaches the heart. Mine sings at his sounds.

Last Monday, Tom and I heard him sing at the BB King Club in NYC. Hearing this voice live was a treasure and meeting him and his family, what a treat.

Everyone loves his Feliz Navidad, you should have heard the standing ovation at the club. Have you ever wanted to know about him?

Born in 1945 in Puerto Rico, moved to NY when he was five. Seems congenital glaucoma caused his blindness at birth. After first playing the accordion, his father gave him his first guitar. Watching him move his fingers and his method of finger picking, it was obvious to me that Andres Segovia inspired him. He played his guitar in his room for up to 14 hours a day, listening to rock, classical and jazz. Then he studied classical with Harold Morris, who had been a student of Segovia. Feliciano, in an 1969 interview, he mentioned Ray Charles, who was an influence on his singing.

With this Wikipedia link, you can read more:

Each year, during the Christmas season, “Feliz Navidad” returns to the airwaves as one of the most-played and most-downloaded songs of the season. “Feliz Navidad” is also recognized by ASCAP as one of the 25 all-time most-played Christmas songs in the world. It is in the Grammy Hall of Fame.

Link to Feliz Navidad: 

Tom and I, guests of Jose Feliciano and his family, got to see him, hear him, shake his hand, and take pictures with him. I love Jose Feliciano’s music.

Tom, Jose, Gail



Wearing the jacket

Dazzled from the start. I had to own this jacket. The only one in the store, none online, only size left, large. Too big, but it didn’t matter. I was going to own this jacket. Did you know that bling makes people smile? Not only could others enjoy the sparkle, but I could too, even though I was wearing it. The entire garment was covered with bling, the front, back, and sleeves. Couldn’t miss the sparkle. The large size worked out. it’s a jacket after all, so you can belt it, tie it like I did, or just leave open. I removed the shoulder pads, so I wouldn’t look like a football player. This jacket had a lining, a workable zipper, looked like construction was done the way a jacket from a good store would be proud to sell. Right?

The time came to wear the jacket, last Saturday, for a dance where we take lessons, Fred Astaire Southport Ballroom. I happened to notice the trail of bling as I walked, It began in my house, spread to my car, into the ballroom, like a huge bling blanket. My shoes were slathered in bling. Tom was too. The ballroom floor never sparkled before; it was beautiful. I began to wonder if I was breathing bling. Here it is Wednesday and I’m still breathing alright, so as far as I can tell, I didn’t ingest any of the shiny stuff.

Anxious to fix the flaky problem, the next morning, the first thing I did was take the jacket outside, shake it, brush it, beat it. All I accomplished was to beat bling all over the slate stoop. We have had rain and wind, but the bling remains stuck to my stoop. One more attempt to tame the bling. I hand washed the jacket in cold water, no soap. I wrung it out as best I could and hung it in the shower. My hands were full of bling, so was the sink, the shower and the hanger.

The Jacket, now limp from washing. Bling falls off as you look at it.

Give it up, I told myself. I placed my gorgeous blingy jacket in a huge art bag and took it back to the store, right to the manager. She was more than happy to give back my money, but she said to please leave the jacket in the bag, she didn’t want the bling all over the floor. I asked if she thought that her high quality store should sell a garment that sheds. She said, “ Of course. We sell millions of these.”

Do you have any fashion disaster stories?

Tweedledum and Tweedledee

Tweedledum and Tweedledee

“Tweedledum and Tweedledee”
Roud #19800

John Tenniel’s illustration, from Through the Looking-Glass (1871), chapter 4
Written England
Published 1805
Form Nursery rhyme
Writer(s) Traditional
Language English

Tweedledum and Tweedledee are fictional characters in an English nursery rhyme and in Lewis Carroll‘s Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There.The names have since become synonymous in western popular culture slang for any two people who look and act in identical ways, generally in a derogatory context.

A phrase called up in my head for strange goings on in life. Today’s blog brought those names up because all that’s been going on these last two weeks, things of Christmas and things not of Christmas. Travels to New Jersey. Visits with family, stories between us and the big cookie exchange. My daughter-in-law and family baked 13 dozen thumbprint cookies and gave them away. These pictures are the end result.  Tom said they actually baked 15 dozen. Two stayed in the house and all the tweedles ate them. Not me. I was at my daughter’s.

During all this my daughter had shoulder surgery. My job, daughter to surgery and daughter home from surgery. Hang out with her during her recuperation. It’s almost two weeks, and healing is apparent. Smart doctor who  prescribed cookies with meds.

Family favorite Thumbprint Cookies

Family favorite Thumbprint Cookies (Recipe below)

Nothing like a cookie to make life joyous, especially at Christmas time.img_5259







Cookie tray Thumbprint cookies & Meringue

Cookie tray Thumbprint cookies & Meringue cookies



Thumbprint Cookies: Gail Ingis’s recipe
½ pound butter (2 sticks) or 1 cup Crisco
2 egg yolks
½ cup brown sugar
2 cups flour
½ teaspoon salt
1teaspoon vanilla
1 bag of walnut meal (at Trader Joe’s) or ground walnuts
Mix ingredients (EXCEPT THE EGG WHITE)

Roll into approximately ½” balls then roll into the walnuts, place on cookie sheet. Bake in preheated oven 375 degrees for 2 minutes, depress center with thumb, then finish baking approximately 12 minutes for larger cookie or 5-8 minutes for smaller cookie. If you like crispy, bake until edges are slightly browned. When cool, fill depressed center with combination of slightly warm water, vegetable food coloring and confectioners sugar to an almost pasty consistency. (Color for holidays if desired)

Tweedledee and Tweedledum Through the Looking-Glass (1871).
Common versions of the nursery rhyme include:

Tweedledum and Tweedledee
    Agreed to have a battle;
For Tweedledum said Tweedledee
    Had spoiled his nice new rattle.
Just then flew down a monstrous crow,
    As black as a tar-barrel;
Which frightened both the heroes so,
    They quite forgot their quarrel.

Aren’t Tweedledum and Tweedledee cute? What do those names bring up for you?

Blurb for Indigo Sky:

Indigo Sky in 3 formats

Indigo Sky in 3 formats: Print, eBook, Audio


by Gail Ingis, Author and Visual Artist
INDIGO SKY | “A Triumphant Tale of Courage.” Get this one!” 5-Star-Buy link:,



A pun on Michaelangelo's sculpture

A pun on Michaelangelo’s sculpture

Pain and pleasure. Entrepreneurs find out the hard way about earning a living. If you have a job, keep it until your dream comes to fruition. For me, I have had both success and failure, (pain and pleasure). My most successful endeavor provided ultimate satisfaction, the founding of my school, Interior Design Institute. I was degreed and well-studied in interior design and architecture, and after  research (before social media), I discovered there was a resounding response to founding a local school of Interior design. I had no capital, but two of my client friends provided a building in Woodcliff, NJ. entrepAll I had to do was fix it up, get the state to approve and run an inexpensive ad. Instant success . . . with enrollment, financial success followed later. This was not a get-rich quick scheme. Prospective students signed up and more came. My faculty came from New York and New Jersey. Of course I taught classes as well. Love teaching! The school, after much hard work and dedication was nationally accredited. What I loved about the whole idea was the opportunity offered to a community of students who were thrilled not to have to commute into NYC. The structure of the courses offered professional opportunities upon graduation, or for those who were not seeking a career, to redesign or decorate their own environments.

Businesses each were started by an entrepeneur

Businesses owned by entrepreneurs

So, what brought up this whole thing about starting a business?

entrep3Once again, I am an entrepreneur, this time though, I am an author. Honestly, I cannot believe that I’m working so hard on promoting my book, Indigo Sky. After having been in business and familiar with marketing and promo, I thought no more, I don’t want to to that anymore. But I have this book that no one seems to know about. A few read it and gave it resounding reviews. Maybe my book is good after all? I need to let readers know that it exists. One year after its release, I decided to run a promotion. Don’t ask, putting the promo together consumed me. I had looked for someone to do all the work, yeah right, no one available, not even for money, So I donned my marketing hat and knuckled down, asked questions, got answers, and offered my book free to several promo companies. The first day of the promotion, Friday, October 28, 2016, the book ranked #15 in Amazon’s top 100 free Historical Fiction.

Indigo Sky in 3 formats

Indigo Sky in 3 formats


Where is my book today? It is lagging in numbers. I was told that all authors have to keep promoting, as in any business. Look at companies like Apple, Bloomingdale’s, Samsung, all the same. Ads, ads, ads in your face. Books are no different, authoring is a business, so I am doing another promotion this week, Thursday, 12/1, Friday, 12/2, and Saturday, 12/3 with ChoosyBookworm. If you are reading this, and let me know that you purchased my book, sign up here on my blog and your name will go into a drawing for a free Indigo Sky audio, or if you are already signed up, then send me an email at  This offer is good through Monday, December 5, 2016, midnight. Buy Link:

Face of an entrepeneur

Face of an entrepreneur

An entrepreneur, as described by the Small Business Association, puts together a business and sometimes accepts the associated risk to make a profit. Most believe making their idea, their dream available to the world is something everyone wants. While this definition serves as a simple but accurate description of entrepreneurs, it cannot explain the phenomena of entrepreneurship itself. A number of theories exist, but all of them fall into various categories.

sayingWhat Are the Theories of Entrepreneurship? An interesting article by Eric Dontigney

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