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Architect Henry J Hardenbergh designed The Dakota in1884. A local chap, he was born in New Brunswick, NJ.  Schooled at Hasbrouck Institute in Jersey City, and apprenticed in New York from 1865-1870 under Detlef Lienau, architect of Lockwood-Mathews Mansion, Norwalk,...

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Downright painful to think about the women who fought for freedom. Women were kept in the kitchen, away from the real world, but they were cunning, seeking education, politics, they formed organizations for freedom. Women  worked for our future. Twentieth century,...

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Character Complexity. What in the world does this all mean? A story well told inextricably entwines place and person. The place is filtered through the person's personality, age, education, experiences, culture, nationality, friends and family. It's a must have for...

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