For the writers out there you know the saying that “good writing is all about rewriting.” I’m currently on my tenth draft of my next book. This one’s not a big rewrite – just fine tuning the romantic bits and bobs. So much fun.

But writers also know that in between the rewrites you need to regenerate your imagination. I like to play my guitar—I’m working on building those old calluses again. And my piano too, even if it’s only to tickle the ivories for a few minutes.

I love tennis, so that’s something else I’m doing to reboot. Not playing. LOL. Although I played for many years and coached as well, now I enjoy just watching the tournaments on TV, while I write. And the biggest one going on for the next two weeks is the US Open. Tonight, Tuesday, 8/28, Federer will play, so I have to hurry back from my ballroom dance class to make sure I don’t miss a minute. Oh, yeah, I also ballroom dance, to stay in shape, well, you know!

Oh, was I talking about writing?

My work-in-progress or WIP, The Unforgettable Miss Baldwin has taken about two years (and counting). One day at a time, one scene at a time. I am also constantly reading one of my hundreds, but who’s counting, craft books, like all those Thesaurus books. Which sometimes sends me down a different path in my writing. I seem to get to where I need to be in the end.

Thank goodness, and doesn’t that feel good to write the end.

Gail Ingis Claus is an author, artist/painter and interior designer. Her upcoming romance The Unforgettable Miss Baldwin will be released in spring 2018. Her current historical romance, Indigo Sky can be purchased on amazon.

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