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From Grammar Revolution to Writer’s Evolution

Now that my book is finally settled with KDP and Draft2Digital, and it's up for PreOrder on all the retailers, Amazon, B&N, Apple, Kobo, everywhere, even Toliino, I'm seeking grammar lessons to begin writing book 2 in the Gilded Age Heiresses about Mia and the...

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Square dancing has been around since America began . . . it is a mixture of music and dance from here and there and everywhere. Now, in 2015, it is known as modern western square dancing. And then there is Round dancing and the Virginia Reel. All of this is big time hand clapping, foot stomping fun.

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Good book reads . . .

My New Book: The Unforgettable Miss Baldwin - Allie Baldwin lives with her family across the street from New York's Central Park. She is a suffragette! 16th May 1911: British suffragette Charlotte Despard (1844 - 1939) (wearing a white waistcoat) heads a march of the...

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